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The year is 2150, the month is February. The winter is getting colder, and the Arkers are nowhere near prepared for the harsh winter, especially not now that their supply runs to Mount Weather have become completely nonexistent. Despite the lack of Arker presence in the mountain, the tensions have not died down, and with the return of one of Mount Weather's missing residents, revenge on the Sky People will be top priority. In Arkadia, following the damage Clarke and the others caused in Azgeda, Chancellor Griffin and the Guard must begin taking action to prepare for a war with the Ice Nation that is well on its way. Little do they know, the war has already begun with the arrival of a certain Azgedan spy, and what lies ahead is far worse than anything they have faced yet.

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 Site Plot
 Posted: Nov 25 2016, 10:34 PM
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Site Plot
Clarke's plan worked, but not without a cost. There were two levels of Mount Weather which were free from radiation. Maya and a few others were on one of those levels when Clarke pulled the switch, and they remained safe from harm during the eradication of the other levels. However, hundreds more people were murdered that day elsewhere in the mountain due to radiation, and because of that, Cage at last realized that Clarke was serious about setting her people free, and he fled into the wilderness, only to be injected with the Reaper drug by Lincoln.

Although the Sky People realized that Clarke's decision to take so many lives could only gain a negative response from those remaining on the mountain, they figured that her actions would serve as a warning for those who remained to keep the boundaries that were firmly in place between the Arkers and the Mountain People now.

In order to lessen the hostile tensions between the two groups caused by Clarke's actions, Abby Griffin agreed to work with the Mountain People in order to find another way to help them both see and experience the outside world without risk of death. They were able to find only a temporary solution with what was left of the bone marrow extracted from the Sky People in the mountain, but this does not solve the problem; it only allows the Mountain People to remain outside of Mount Weather for one hour at a time. They have saved some bone marrow to further test it for a more permanent solution, although they have yet to find one in the two months that have passed since the Mount Weather incident.

Immediately following what happened in Mount Weather, the Arkers returned to Camp Jaha, hoping to start fresh without the threat of Grounders or the Mountain People attacking them. Clarke decided to leave the group that day, unable to face all of the destruction she had caused ever since the mission to save her people began. Although her friends and family searched for her relentlessly, they were unable to locate her and have not heard from her since.

Two months passed, and the Arkers have long been working on building Arkadia out of what once was Camp Jaha, a place where they would live and thrive from then on out. They remained in good relations with the Grounders, who commended them for permanently eliminating the threat of the Mountain People. Abby Griffin assumed the position of chancellor, and her help with finding a way to assist the Mountain People made several allies out of them as well.

On the other side of things, during the final events at Mount Weather, after countless days of wandering around in the Dead Zone, following a less than pleasant encounter with Emori and the discovery that the City of Light did not exist, a desert storm caused Jaha, Murphy, and their small group of wanderers searching for the City of Light to get lost in the desert. Eventually, they were found near death by a few Grounders, who captured them and took them to Azgeda, where they were held hostage by the Ice Nation.

Now that Mount Weather was no longer a threat, the Ice Nation thought it best to put some of their plans into action against the commander in order to obtain the throne. The first part of their plan is using the hostages, Murphy, Jaha, and a few others, to draw Clarke Griffin out of hiding, since they knew she would do anything for her people, in order for Carl Emmerson to finally get his revenge and for the Ice Nation to threaten Heda Lexa by using Clarke as bait, as they know the commander has been in search of Clarke as well.

In Arkadia, Marcus Kane gets word from Indra that there is a bounty for Clarke out by the commander, as well as a warning from Azgeda to Skaikru that if Clarke does not give herself up to the Ice Nation, her friends held captive there will die. Hoping to avoid placing even more stress on Chancellor Griffin, who is not only taking care of her own people, but the Mountain People as well, Kane does not inform her of what Indra said and instead, he organizes a small group of Arkadia's guards to head to Azgeda to find and protect Clarke, since this is clearly a trap.

Meanwhile, in Mount Weather, not all of the Mountain People have been able or willing to forget about what happened two months ago. Many of them lost their families after what Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty did, and they became unwilling to accept the possibility that they might remain stuck in the mountain while the Arkers were able to live in the outside world, free and unpunished for what they did. Unbeknownst to the Arkers, a small group inside the mountain is plotting to take revenge on the Sky People for what they did, even if it means taking them down one by one.

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