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The year is 2150, the month is February. The winter is getting colder, and the Arkers are nowhere near prepared for the harsh winter, especially not now that their supply runs to Mount Weather have become completely nonexistent. Despite the lack of Arker presence in the mountain, the tensions have not died down, and with the return of one of Mount Weather's missing residents, revenge on the Sky People will be top priority. In Arkadia, following the damage Clarke and the others caused in Azgeda, Chancellor Griffin and the Guard must begin taking action to prepare for a war with the Ice Nation that is well on its way. Little do they know, the war has already begun with the arrival of a certain Azgedan spy, and what lies ahead is far worse than anything they have faced yet.

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 Posted: Apr 4 2016, 11:00 PM
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the rules.

Basic Rules

1. Be respectful! I understand that disagreements happen every now and then, but remember that you don't have to agree with someone to respect them. Being kind is the most important thing you can do.

2. Plagiarism. Plagiarism (using someone else's words/work as your own) is illegal and will not be tolerated. This does not only go for posts, but for applications as well. Please do not copy and paste anything from other sources. You are expected to write in your own words only, unless you are citing a quote from the show.

3. Rating. This site's rating is 323, which based off of the rating scale means that cursing and violence is perfectly fine. Go all out (within reason, of course). Sexual content is permitted, though it's not acceptable to go into detail or to describe any events taking place. If you have any questions about the rating system or the rating for this site, feel free to ask.

4. Advertising. No advertising is permitted outside of the advertising section (this means you may not advertise, mention, or discuss your site on the cbox, through PMs, or on the boards).

5. Absences. If you are aware that you will be away for a week or two, please post a topic on the Absences board. If you are aware you will be gone for longer than that, please PM an admin.

Graphics & Text

1. Avatars. The size for avatars is 250x400. Your avatar can be a still image or a GIF, it's entirely up to you. Please refrain from using nude or gory images/GIFs for profile pictures, as some members might not be comfortable with that. If you are unsure about whether an image is okay, please ask an admin.

2. Signatures. Signatures must be no larger than 600x300 in size.

3. GIFs. The GIFs in the mini profiles are 100x100, but they automatically resize (these work best if the original image is square instead of rectangle).

Application Process

1. OOC/Player accounts. You are allowed to have an OOC/player account, in order to post in the out of character section, where you will plot with others, play games, or participate in other OOC activities. However, you are not required to have one of these accounts. For more information, please see the registration information.

2. Character accounts. You are required to have a character account (a separate one for each character you play). This is the account you will roleplay from. When you register, please register with the character's full name (i.e. instead of registering as "Clarke," you would register as "Clarke Griffin"). Grounders, Reapers, and certain unaffiliated characters are not required to have last names. For more information, please see the registration information.

3. Canon list. After registering, you will be expected to reserve a character on the canon list before you post your application. Any application posted will not be reviewed until you have reserved the character you wish to play. Note: You are not required to post in the canon list with original characters.

4. Application period. Once you have reserved your character, you will have two weeks (fourteen days) to complete and post your application. Please create a new topic under "Apply Here" as your application using your character's name..

5. Third person. Please make sure your application is entirely in third person (he, him, she, her, etc), instead of in first person (I, me, etc). There are few occasions when second person is acceptable.

6. Review period. After you have posted your application, please allow no less than three days to pass before asking an admin if he or she has looked at it. Note: Reviews are private, and they are not to be discussed on the cbox, through PMs, or with anyone other than an admin.

7. Three strikes. If your application does not meet the standards by the third review, it will be denied. If your application is denied, you may apply for another character, or wait three weeks before applying with the same character.


1. OCs. Original characters are both welcomed and needed! If you feel like you have something awesome to contribute to the site with an OC, then feel free to add one to the bunch!

2. Character limit. You may have no more than eight characters total.

3. Future characters. In order to apply for a second character, you must have at least seven IC posts with your first character. If you are applying for your third character, you will need fourteen posts with your first character, seven with your second, and so on. However, your application counts as one post. You will be permitted to create additional characters based on activity with previous ones.

4. Stay in-character. If you have a canon character, it is important that you keep them as in character as possible. This means making sure their personalities and actions align with their character on the show.


1. Third person. As with the application, all posts must be in third person, unless everyone in the thread agrees on another tense.

2. Activity. In order to be considered active, you must post at least once every two weeks with each of your characters. If you have gone a month without posting and have not notified an admin of your absence, your character will no longer be yours and will be available for someone else to play.

3. Word count. The minimum word count for each post is 150 words.

4. Group Threads. If you join a group thread and do not post for more than two weeks without notifying an admin or the other members involved in the thread of why you cannot post, then you will be skipped. This is to keep threads moving without dying off.

5. AU. AU threads are permitted in the AU section of the board only.

Cbox Rules

1. Advertising. No advertising is allowed in the cbox.

2. PG-13. Please keep things PG-13 in the cbox at all times.

3. Cbox name/alias. Please use your alias in the cbox, not your character's name. This keeps things from getting confusing.

4. Spoilers. Please wait one week (7 days) after the newest episode airs before posting any spoilers about what happened in the cbox. If you wish to discuss an episode with other members before that time, please use the "Episodes" section, or PM another member who has seen it.

Extra Stuff

1. Questions. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to either PM an admin or comment on our guest-friendly questions board. We're here to help!

2. Have fun! The most important thing to do here is to have fun! So, enjoy writing and make the most of every character, plot, and thread that comes your way!

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