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The year is 2150, the month is February. The winter is getting colder, and the Arkers are nowhere near prepared for the harsh winter, especially not now that their supply runs to Mount Weather have become completely nonexistent. Despite the lack of Arker presence in the mountain, the tensions have not died down, and with the return of one of Mount Weather's missing residents, revenge on the Sky People will be top priority. In Arkadia, following the damage Clarke and the others caused in Azgeda, Chancellor Griffin and the Guard must begin taking action to prepare for a war with the Ice Nation that is well on its way. Little do they know, the war has already begun with the arrival of a certain Azgedan spy, and what lies ahead is far worse than anything they have faced yet.

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 Jacapo Sinclair
Jacapo Sinclair
 Posted: Jan 10 2018, 12:36 AM
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45 years old
chief engineer

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Jacapo Sinclair
This took six months and two characters longer than I planned...
the basics
Full Name: Jacapo Francesco Sinclair

Nickname(s): Sinclair

Gender: male

Age: 45

Birthdate: October 20th

Occupation: chief engineer Wick & Raven’s babysitter

Location: Arkadia

Member Group: Arker

OC or Canon: Canon

Face Claim: Alessandro Juliani

Height: 5'10"

Appearance: Despite the fact that he’s already in his mid-forties, Sinclair is still considered to be a reasonable attractive man by anyone with eyes and common sense. Though it’s begun to grey considerably, his hair still grows in thick and ends up a bit too curly if he doesn’t keep it somewhere on the shorter side. His face has retained a relatively youthful appearance, perhaps spared some of the greater signs of aging that were common on Earth due to his low exposure to the sun over the years. His clothes are almost always stained or ripped in some manner or another from the hours spent working on his latest project, and it’s grown much more noticeable since his wife’s death means no one is keeping an eye on his appearance for him.

Special Features: He has a few minor scars from work-related incidents over the years, but nothing especially noteworthy.

01. piecing things back together again
02. creative genius
03. reading whatever books survived the crash
04. Raven Reyes
05. Kyle Wick, to a much lesser extent
06. keeping himself busy

01. politics
02. his involvement in the Culling
03. solitude
04. Earth, sometimes
05. seeing his kids get hurt
06. missing his wife

01. that he'll lose Raven because after his wife's death, she's the most important person left in his life
02. that the outcome of this latest situation with the Grounders won't end well for Arkadia

01. to see a positive end to his group’s suffering
02. to turn Arkadia into a thriving community

01. his typical position of neutrality - While it might not necessarily seem like a flaw at first, the fact that he's not often willing to pick sides in any kind of dispute can lead to the impression that he's cold or uncaring.
02. devoted to a fault - This is especially evident when it comes to Raven. He overruled the results of her medical exam and allowed her to become a zero-g mechanic despite being disqualified, taking on the responsibility of answering for her if something went wrong.
03. can be careless with his own well-being - Sinclair was willing to allow himself to suffocate on the Ark in order to protect the rest of the citizens and provide them with a little more oxygen. It undoubtedly won't be the last time he risks his own life to protect someone else.

01. turning trash into functioning and useful treasures
02. forcing Raven to believe in herself

Sinclair’s dedication to the people and things that he cares about knows no bounds. He was willing to lay down his life to save as many people on the dying Ark as he could, nearly suffocating in the control room until he was able to be saved. It’s not that he isn’t afraid to die or of anything bad happening to himself, he lost that fear early in his life by getting involved in some dangerous situations for the sake of fixing things that were broken, but he cares more about the needs of the many and preserving every life that he can. In that way, he’s largely one of the most selfless people that anyone is likely to meet. In relation to this dedication is his protectiveness, a trait that becomes incredibly evident when Raven Reyes is involved.

He can, at times, be far too serious; a trait that is a wild contrast to many of the people that he’s taken under his wing. There are rare occasions when his sense of humor can shine through, and those typically occur when he’s dealing with the dynamic duo of Raven and Wick. Of those two, as well as everyone else who works with him, he demands the best and his expectations are always high. He doesn’t reward ineptitude or laziness, something that tends to be considered as one of his most frustrating qualities by other people. When he’s surrounded by his superiors and many of his peers, that seriousness tends to show in the formal way that he speaks and carries himself. His loyalty, however, spans all his relationships.

Parents: Lorenzo Sinclair [father, deceased], Gabriella Sinclair [mother, deceased]
Siblings: none
Spouse/Partner/Significant Other: Helena Sinclair [wife, deceased]
Children: Raven Reyes, though he doesn’t know it yet
Other Relatives: none

Sinclair lived the kind of life that any average, quiet kid might have on the Ark. He never had many friends, primarily because he was more inclined to spend his time reading the engineering manuals his father had collected over his years of working in the department, and to combat that loneliness, Sinclair threw himself into learning as much as he could about how to keep his home functioning. He had a natural gift for the trade, and combined with his near constant studying, he accelerated through the program much more quickly than many of his peers.

While assisting with repairs one day, Sinclair met a woman that (in stereotypical fashion for most relationships) turned his world upside down. She was charming and made him feel like he was actually being seen, and he fell head over heels for her much faster than was necessarily reasonable. She seemed too good to be true, and it wasn’t entirely long before he realized that she really was. There was no sugarcoating the way that she used him, how rations managed to disappear when she was around, and how people always gave him a particular look whenever she was around. His relationship with Laura Reyes might have been short lived, but it would have implications that he’d someday learn would follow him for the rest of his life.

Like most work obsessed people, Sinclair nursed the wounds of his first failed relationship by throwing himself into his job. He worked his way up through the ranks, becoming chief engineer a few years later and more than happily taking on the additional responsibilities that came with it. The one thing he didn’t necessarily enjoy was the politics of it all as he’d never particularly cared for pleasing people so much as ensuring their safety. It was in this position, however, that he met the woman who would eventually be his wife.

Early into their relationship, Sinclair & Helena discovered that they couldn’t have children. She was convinced that she was going to leave him, but the thought never crossed his mind. He felt more than fulfilled by the young engineers that he’d taken on the responsibility of training and threw himself into the role of father-figure to any of them who didn’t have that in their lives, though it became obvious from the start that he had a soft spot for one in particular.

Sinclair put his own job on the line securing a spot for Raven Reyes as a zero-g mechanic despite her underlying heart condition, but he never once regretted it, even when she and Abby conspired to follow the delinquents and her rebellious streak (and dedication to the people she loved) brought her to Earth. He spent even more time in Earth Monitoring, trying to get as much information as he could about her progress.

The dying Ark kept him busy, though, and after Diana Sydney stole the Exodus ship, it was Sinclair who eventually determined which stations would be most likely to survive the plunge to Earth. He was one of the lucky ones on Mecha Station who survived the crash, but his wife wasn’t. Once again, he threw himself into working on turning the damaged station into a home.

After the events that occurred at Mount Weather, Sinclair oftentimes joined the group that traveled to assist the survivors and scavenge some supplies, though much of his time was spent studying the different parts and technology that went into building the place than he did anything else. (He might have taken a few pieces home with him, but he just doesn’t really talk about that.)

writing sample
Even when he was suffocating on the Ark, Sinclair never felt like his chest was caving in in quite the same way as he did when a guard found him inspecting a fence and told him that Raven had been stabbed at Mount Weather. He’d rarely been one to be distracted by things, finishing the job before concerning himself with the events of his limited social life, but the idea of focusing on fences when arguably the most important person in his life was laying in medical on the verge of death.

He’d dropped his wrench. He vaguely remembered it bouncing off his boot clad foot and the shot of pain that radiated from the spot and upwards into his leg, the nerve endings protesting at the abuse. Raven’s nerve endings didn’t relay that information, at least not on her left side. It was all he could think of in that moment as he navigated the hallways that led through Mecha Station on autopilot.

Abby was working on her when he arrived. One of the few apprentices she had shoved him back - he hadn’t realized he’d gotten that close - and he noticed the pain in his foot again but didn’t really care. He might have broken something; he’d deal with it later. He heard Abby say that she was losing too much blood and he felt his stomach drop. Without thinking, without even registering that he was speaking, he heard his voice say, ”Check my records. If it’s compatible, take as much from me as you can.”

She was not going to die. Not on his watch.


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